CXS provides a wide variety of services including:

    Technical Services / Construction:

  • 43-101 report writing
  • Mining claim Geo-referencing to MNDM standards or better
  • Differential GPS services with accuracy of up to 2cm possible
  • Exploration Plans and Permits preparation and submission
  • First Nation consultation
  • Complete exploration project management
  • Mining claim staking in Ontario and Quebec
  • Line cutting services
  • Channel sampling
  • Hydraulic pressure washing
  • Soil sampling: MMI, humus, till etc. sampling and reporting
  • Prospecting with full reports
  • Mining claim inspections
  • Mining hazard inspections and remediation to MNDM Provincial Standard
  • Project supervision
  • Drill road and pad construction
  • Helicopter pad construction
  • Bush road construction including culvert & bridge installation
  • Summer and winter and maintenance
  • Core sawing in field or in our core saw room
  • Core shack rental in Larder Lake or field core shack installation/rental
  • Sonic drilling for tailings sampling or soil sampling at depth
  • Portable Diamond Drilling under 150kg.
  • Forestry consulting
  • Work permit applications for Ontario (culverts, roads etc.)
  • Water sampling


  • Complete geophysical survey design, implementation, interpretation and reporting
  • Data compilation and interpretation
  • Complete reporting to government specifications

  • Induced Polarization (IP)
    • Our High Definition DEEP IP is field proven to be both economical and effective.
    • Gradient IP
    • Pole Dipole IP
    • Dipole Dipole IP
    • Data Inversion

  • Magnetometer (Mag) /Very Low Frequency EM (VLF)
    • Stop and Go Mag, VLF or Mag and VLF
    • Walking Mag, or Mag and VLF
    • No Grid Mag, VLF or Mag and VLF

  • Note

    We are a multi-disciplined contractor that can provide a wide verity of services.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you do not see what you are looking for.