43-101 Reports

NI 43-101 is a Canadian securities regulation that establishes standards for all public disclosure of scientific and technical information about mineral projects. This includes written reports, oral presentations, and website postings.

The purpose of NI 43-101 is to ensure that investors receive accurate and reliable information about mineral projects, so that they can make informed investment decisions. The regulation also helps to level the playing field between issuers, by ensuring that all companies follow the same standards when disclosing information.

All scientific and technical information contained in 43-101 reports must be prepared by or under the supervision of a "Qualified Person" (QP). A QP is an individual who has demonstrated expertise in the field of mineral exploration, development, or production

NI 43-101 Technical Report can be any of the following:

  • The first-time report on a mineral property (exploration or operating)
  • A summary of the exploration activities with inherent Quality Control/Quality Assurance on a project
  • A summary of mineral resource estimate for a property
  • Report outlining ownership of a non-operating interest in the property (Royalty)
  • A report containing results of a Preliminary Economic Assessment
  • Report on summary of the result of a Pre-Feasibility Study, depending on the complexity of the project
  • Summary of the results of a Feasibility Study on mineral property.
  • Summary of work conducted on an operating project possibly containing updated resource and reserve estimates
  • Any variation of the above