Soil Sampling

Soil core sampling is the process of extracting a small quantity of soil for subsequent analysis at an assay lab. The soil test results obtain a measure the concentration of certain metals in the soil which allow for more focussed exploration programs.

Soil Samples or soil core samples are commonly collected and analyzed for various elements by mineral exploration and environmental companies. Interpretations based on the results from the soil sample will potentially direct an exploration company to the bedrock source of the soil anomaly or may result in the recommendation and implementation of a site remediation plan by an environmental company. In Ontario, Canada strict protocols are adhered to in order to protect both the environment and our natural resources. Companies who engage in soil sampling must adhere to these protocols as well.

In mineral exploration, soil samples are typically collected from a specific soil horizon (horizon-based sampling), such as a humus layer (H-horizon), a B-horizon soil or a C-horizon soil. The various layers allow for more targeted exploration for certain metals or acts as a pathfinder for some deposit types. Soil sampling is an important tool in early stage mineral exploration as it is relatively quick and inexpensive to collect soil samples and have them assayed for metals of interest. In many cases, soil sampling can be used to identify areas that are prospective for certain types of deposits and can help to focus more expensive and time-consuming exploration activities. In Ontario, Canada, soil sampling is often conducted in areas of known mineralization in order to expand on existing discoveries or to search for new zones of mineralization. Soil sampling can also be used in greenfield areas with no known mineralization in order to identify potential new areas for exploration.

At Canadian Exploration Services, we are proud to say that we uphold these standards and offer our clients soil sampling services that are not only reliable, but also environmentally responsible. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your soil sampling needs.