The distributed array 3DIP is among the most technologically advanced IP surveys available to the exploration industry. The system employs multiple full waveform 2 channel receivers which can be deployed with random dipole lengths and orientations throughout the survey area, depending on your targeting needs. Random current injections can then be made throughout the survey area allowing for concurrent resistivity and chargeability measurements in multiple directions, configurations and depths.

When processed, the dataset usually provides 10 times the data points in multiple directions than a conventional 2D IP survey. The extensive dataset then undergoes a 3D inversion to provide a full 3 dimensional model of the chargeability and resistivity results.

The power behind our distributed array 3DIP system becomes evident in many different exploration environments outside of the traditional field environment.

  1. Being 100% GPS based, the orientation of the dipoles does not have to be linear. The deployment of the array can be designed to fit the terrain and have a minimal impact in environmentally or culturally sensitive areas by reducing or even eliminating the need for survey grid line cutting.
  2. The full waveform measurements result in stronger filtering of noise, allowing for clean data in even the noisiest of environments.
  3. The system also provides multidirectional resistivity and chargeability data allowing for the better differentiation of multi-directional geologic systems.