Mine rehabilitation is the process of repairing the damages done by mining activities. This will make the site safer and stable. This can include reseeding, and new soil to be laid out.

The tasks also involved with rehabilitating an area of land depend on the type of mine hazards that will be created as a result of the development activity that will be performed on the land Mine hazards may include:

  • Waste rock piles
  • Mine opening to the surface
  • Open pits

Each type of mine hazard has an associated set of rehabilitation tasks. Each task has a set of standards that must be adhered to. These standards define requirements, such as:

  • Engineering inspections
  • Minimum load specifications
  • Acceptable material for capping openings
  • Necessary signage

Rehabilitation tasks and standards, broken down by type of hazard, are outlined by the Mine Rehabilitation Code of Ontario.